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Pigeon is looking for talents
with the values of
‘advancement, creativity, and harmony,’
who will bring
the company’s
continuous growth and development together.

  • Advancement

    Talented people
    who become the best
    in their field
    and grow together
    with the company

  • Creativity

    Talented people
    who can create
    new values
    with flexible thinking
    that is not confined
    to the frame

  • Harmony

    A harmonious talent
    who can fuse
    with the history of
    40 years of tradition

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment Method

Recruitment of new college graduates and experienced employees
is open throughout the year for positions that require new recruit.

Application Method

Please find a recruitment notice and
submit an online application on the website.

Recruitment Notice 화살표아이콘 Job Application화살표아이콘
Recruitment Inquiry

For recruitment-related inquiries,
please use Contact Us.
We will respond promptly.

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