About Pigeon

Management Philosophy

  • Global
  • Eco-friendly Management
  • Customer Satisfaction Management
  • Ethical Management

As a company established and developed in S. Korea,
Pigeon has been loved by customers
with the world's best quality while competing
with the leading multinational companies.
Now, we will reach out to customers worldwide
by entering the American,
Central Asian and Chinese markets.

Pigeon believes that companies
and consumers can coexist
when the environment is preserved
at a healthy level.
Therefore, we like to focus more on developing
eco-friendly products and respond to social needs
related to environmental protection.

We believe that our consumer’s choice is
the most important element in a product.
Therefore, we have introduced
a consumer monitoring system,
listened to the voice of consumers,
and applied the gathered information
in product development.
In other words,
we like to produce products
that consumers want and fit their needs,
which will allow consumers and companies to grow together.

Each company member has been responisble
for managing the company
based on honesty and trust and has been
loved by customers
through this transparent management.
Pigeon will continue to value customer trust
and contribute to promoting social welfare.


Pigeon grinds its effort
to each product line.

That’s why Pigeon's fragrance isn't just fragrance.
Pigeon’s fragrances allow you
to feel the comfort and coziness you would feel
when entering the house and warm hugs
from your family and mother.

Sometimes this fragrance brings back
good memories
of an old friend
and a nostalgia for the past season.

Not only does Pigeon deliver fragrance,
but it is also a messenger
that conveys love
and happiness between family and friends
through fragrance.
Pigeon conveys the warmth and coziness of the relationship.