After repeating thousands of experiments
and investing 17 years of research and
KRW 20 billion in development,
a new concept of cleaning agent
‘MGMT’ was born.

We worked hard for consumers
who had to put up with the smell of bleach,
which gave them a headache while cleaning

so we made sure not to include
bleach (Except For Mold)
but still created MGMT with powerful cleaning capability.
This remains a result of a thorough
consumer satisfaction spirit to provide
consumers with confidence
in the quality of our products.


a troubleshooter for cleaning troubles
around the house

  • 상품이미지 MGMT For Kitchen / Bathroom / Mold / Premium Multi-Purpose
  • 상품이미지 MGMT Drainage Cleaner
  • 상품이미지 MGMT Sterilizing Spray
  • 상품이미지 MGMT Washing Tub Cleaner
  • 상품이미지 MGMT Applying Mold Remover