About Pigeon


Pigeon Co., Ltd. prepares
for the upcoming future

Pigeon Co., Ltd. is S. Korea's representative
eco-friendly general household goods company.

Based on our entrepreneurial spirit
that puts the environment first
and management philosophy of world-class
quality competitiveness,

we have realized customer satisfaction
for the past 40 years.
These efforts enable Pigeon to obtain
excellent competitiveness
in the increasingly fierce household goods market,
as well as occupy a solid market.

Pigeon’s philosophy


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more about CI (Corporate Identity)
utilizations and regulations.

Pigeon Dark BluePANTONE 287C

RGBR:18 G:76 B:151

CMYKC:100 M:81 Y:8 K:0

Pigeon BluePANTONE 2995C

RGBR:31 G:155 B:215

CMYKC:75 M:25 Y:0 K:0